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January, 13 2014
First two haircuts were excellent - with Joseph. They looked good from the beginning and grew out still well-shaped.
The third cut was a disaster! I looked like one of those faces carved from a coconut, with odd bits sticking out here and there and a strange inverted V at the back of my head, all disguised with a blow-out that turned me into a bubble-head. I waited a month for it to grow out, but all that I could actually do was trim the bits that had been left too long and continue to wait for the bits that had been cut too short to grow back. Then I called to complain. I eventually got a manager who insisted that I should come back to have it repaired by one of the other stylists. Couldn't seem to understand that there still wasn't enough hair to re-cut correctly. Then wanted to offer me a set of treatments in the spa, but that held no interest for me. I insisted on a return of my money, and she finally agreed to that. I've now waited another two months, but no refund has been forthcoming.